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Safe, Hygienic And Convenient UNIK Sensor Faucet

Use infrared sensor faucet to wash hands

UNIK infrared sensor faucet brings a new way to wash your hands.When your hands approach, sensors sense and send instructions that automatically activate the flow of water.If the faucet sensor does not detect hand movement, the water flow will automatically shut off.
UNIK sensor faucet is very sensitive and sanitary.Touching the faucet normally leaves germs behind, which can then be passed on to others. The sensor faucet prevents this.

Safe design and hygiene

UNIK sensor faucet is not only sanitary, but also extremely easy to use.
Highly accurate sensors can reliably detect hand movements and activate water flow.The infrared sensor can also detect when the hands leave the tap and automatically stop the flow of water.

Easy assembly and installation

You can easily install UNIK sensor taps even without prior installation knowledge.Battery operation mode reduces maintenance.Based on an average of 150 taps per day, the long-life battery lasts about seven years.
Innovation and Quality

UNIK provides sensor faucets of various designs to meet the needs of various bathroom styles.The slim modern design is beautiful and charming,and can harmoniously blend with the overall bathroom appearance.Of course, the sensor faucet is the latest technology, quality is reliable.All Unik sensor faucets are tested before they leave the factory. These products are robust and reliable from the date of installation.

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Post time: Feb-14-2022