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What Is A Sensor Faucet And Sensor Faucet Function

What is an induction faucet?
Induction faucet is to point to by infrared reflection principle, when human hands in the infrared region of faucet, emitted by infrared transmitting tube infrared due to reflect the orphan of human hand to block the infrared receiving tube, by integrating microcomputer processing within the line after the signal is sent to the pulse electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve after accepting signal according to the specified command to open the valve core to control the tap water; When the human hand left the infrared sensor range, the solenoid valve did not receive the signal, the solenoid valve spool through the internal spring to reset to control the water off the faucet.

Function of sensing faucet?
1, intelligent water saving: automatic induction control on and off, the hand or water container, washing items into the induction range, faucet will automatically water, after leaving the water will stop, water saving function is significant.
2, timeout protection: 30 seconds timeout washing automatic water off function, to avoid waste of water resources caused by foreign bodies in the induction range for a long time.
3, convenient and hygienic: the water switch is completely completed automatically by the sensor, hands do not need to contact the faucet, effectively avoid bacterial cross infection.
4, intelligent energy saving: induction faucet adopts modern digital technology, ultra-low energy consumption
5, strong adaptability: can adjust the sensitivity of induction according to different use environment
6, production process: brass investment casting, chrome plating on the surface, keep luster forever; Streamline design, strong sense of modernity.
7, convenient maintenance: built-in filter, avoid impurities into the solenoid valve affect the normal work, and convenient cleaning.
8, weak current prompt: DC products with battery replacement prompt function, battery power is insufficient, the indicator light is on, prompt to replace the battery in time.
9, applicable places: hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, airports, medical institutions and other public places.


Post time: Feb-14-2022