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Angle Valve Function And Correct Installation Of Angle Valve

Corner valve is one of the hardware accessories, almost every house decoration to use 5 to 7 corner valves, usually in the bathroom, kitchen and lavabo use. Usually the tap inlet pipe needs to use Angle valve to convert the connection. When installing and debugging the faucet and repairing the faucet, turn off the corner valve directly, which will not affect the use of other areas.

Corner valves also act as faucet insurance, preventing more serious damage by closing them when something goes wrong, limiting water pressure, controlling water flow, and protecting hose faucets.

How to install Angle valve correctly

When connecting the Angle valve and the faucet, clean the foreign body in the connection part first and keep both clean.

When tightening the inner thread thread in the wall, pay attention to the Angle valve winding direction, generally rotating clockwise to the right, but when wrapping raw material on the Angle valve, it is necessary to wind counterclockwise to the left of his side, so that when screwing the Angle valve will be more tightly screwed, it is not easy to loose.

When winding, pull the raw tape tightly so that it attaches to the thread as tightly as possible. After wrapping, press with hand rotary ring.

There is no hard and fast regulation on the number of winding turns, as long as it can be tightened without leakage, but according to past experience, it is generally required to wrap more than 10 turns to ensure its sealing effect.

When tightening threads, care must be taken to keep Angle valves at the same distance from the wall, especially if they are not at the same depth.

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Post time: Feb-14-2022