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PTFE thread seal tape good quality manufaucture bule tape adhesive

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UNIK PTFE raw material tape(Teflon tape) is a novel and ideal sealing material. Because of its non-toxic, tasteless, excellent sealing, insulation, corrosion resistance, is widely used in water treatment, natural gas, chemical, plastic, electronic engineering and other fields. UNIK PTFE tape with thick material, good sealing effect, quality assurance, quality assured, exquisite workmanship, non-toxic environmental protection. ABS shell is used to protect the ptfe raw material belt from winding and breakage. UNIK ptfe raw material tape(Teflon tape) is environmentally friendly and flame resistant, it is safe to use, white, smooth surface, uniform texture, good toughness, can be extended to two or three times the width of the thickening seal,high toughness, suitable for most of the screw thread interface, Can be widely used in pure oxygen, gas, strong oxidizer, strong corrosive medium and high temperature steam pipe thread sealing and pump, valve, equipment with complex shape filling sealing, can increase the sealing of pipe fittings and pipe fittings.

Before wrapping the water pipe, thoroughly clean the water pipe for sediment and dirt to ensure that the water pipe is clean. UNIK ptfe raw material tape (Teflon tape) needs to be wound along the outside of the faucet, and must be wound in the direction of counterclockwise; When winding, the ptfe raw material tape (Teflon tape)should be tightly wrapped around the thread mouth, and the winding number should reach more than 5 turns, and it should be tightened when winding, so that the raw material tape (Teflon tape) is taut, reliable and watertight. After wrapping, press the raw material tape (Teflon tape)by hand to check whether the wrapping is firm. If it is not tight enough, re-wrap it. Finally, tighten the faucet clockwise to complete the installation.

Brand UNIK
Material PTFE
Function Seal
Spool Color Blue
Tape Color Blue
Packing Shrink/Box/Opp bag/Carton
Service OEM,ODM
Place of Origin QUANZHOU

From the material, UNIK faucet uses the ceramic valve core of the entrance, which can ensure that the faucet continuous switch 500,000 times without quality problems. Valve body is made of high-quality fine copper, high-quality rubber sealing ring, small change rate, not easy to aging; From the production process: UNIK has adopted the most advanced production process and equipment from mold opening to machining to polishing and electroplating to ensure the accuracy of leading products. General bibcock is in the process of using the inevitable by water flushing, if the material is not to be strictly controlled will cause secondary pollution to water in the use of the consequences of this will directly affect the user's health problems, and UNIK company is very attention to this issue, the pass of the material, introduced from abroad automatic "wash lead" equipment and craft, Remove all heavy metals including lead from the metal materials in the valve body of the faucet to ensure that the faucet will not cause pollution to the water quality, and consumers can rest assured to use.
The electroplating of bibcock product is the biggest interest to consumer is two respects: it is to have the effect that prevents erosion on one hand, it is to have beautiful effect on the other hand, UNIK has strict requirement to these two respects. UNIK imported automatic electroplating equipment, the entire electroplating process is correctly controlled by the computer, so UNIK faucet electroplating is the most excellent corrosion resistance, anti-shedding, temperature difference, humidity change resistance. UNIK adopts innovative technology, strives for perfection, and creates intelligent products with superior quality.

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