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5 Stars Hotel Standard Brass Bathroom Sink Wash Basin Faucet

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FuJian Unik Industrial CO., LTD. has a mature production technology, leading the fuselage through mechanical machining, polishing, chrome plated surface processing, leading ceramic valve core as the main part of leading body of the coating is generally by neutral salt fog test, to ensure that its use in provisions within the time limit without rust corrosion and to ensure that it wasn't peeling coating.

The main body of UNIK basin faucet is made of high quality, healthy and environmentally friendly materials. The materials used meet international standards and have low lead content, which is harmless and does not pollute water. The surface plating process has passed the neutral salt spray test. The purpose of salt spray test is to test the corrosion resistance quality of products or metal materials, and the judgment of salt spray test results is the judgment of product quality. Faucet surface adopts the latest polishing, electroplating processing technology, high-precision CNC machine tools, to ensure smooth product surface, electroplating process processing, can make the faucet has higher corrosion resistance, scratch resistance is stronger, even if the product has been used for many years, luster as new. Good electroplating faucet surface coating surface is even, the surface is not uneven or paddling particles; If you press the surface with your hand, the fingerprint will disappear quickly and will not remain on it. Full copper pipe joint, extended hose joint, easy installation, more durable. Each accessory is exquisite, details determine quality. Ceramic spool aging resistance, wear resistance, no maintenance, to ensure stable operation. Multi-layer filter outlet, outlet water is rich, do a good job in every detail. In order to make customers feel at ease to buy, each of our products is strictly tested by ultra-high water pressure, to ensure that there will be no leakage, burst and other situations, to ensure the quality of the products, so that you can be more at ease to use our products.

Brand UNIK
Material Brass
Function Hot and Cold
Surface Treatment Black/Chrome
Spool Ceramic
Installation Wall Mount
Packing Box/Carton
Service OEM,ODM
Place of Origin QUANZHOU

If you’re searching for a product to offer an eye-catching focal point, while providing durability and reliability for a lifetime, look no further than UNIK.Extremely affordable and reliable faucets,UNIK has a faucet for everyone.

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