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High Quality Durable Bathroom Faucet With Brass Angle Valve

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Made in China(Manufacturing plants: FUJIAN UNIK INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD)

Brass angle valve construction

Superior finishing process - finish brushed

The design was inspired by the sleek elegance of modern design

A classic simplicity for both style and functionality

Single handle operation

For one-hole installation that is easy and convenient

Honeycomb bubbler - faucets splash less; you won’t have to wipe your counters as much.

FuJian Unik Industrial CO., LTD. has a mature production technology, leading the fuselage through mechanical machining, polishing, chrome plated surface processing, leading ceramic valve core as the main part of leading body of the coating is generally by neutral salt fog test, to ensure that its use in provisions within the time limit without rust corrosion and to ensure that it wasn't peeling coating.

Many consumers do not know the Angle valve, and the quality of the diagonal valve is not very important.  At present, domestic waterway faults are mainly caused by leakage and blowout of Angle valves, accounting for more than 37% of the total Angle valve faults.  So, what is the Angle valve used for?  Angle valve is used to connect wall buried cold and hot water outlet and tap water cold and hot water inlet.  In case of leakage of faucet, shower head or other faults, the reliable Angle valve closes the water inlet.  Where in your home do you need angle valve?  Cold and hot kitchen faucet needs 2 angle valve, cold and hot basin faucet needs 2 angle valve, water heater need 1 angle valve, closestool need 1 angle valve.  So a home with a kitchen and a bathroom needs at least seven Angle valves.  UNIK Angle valve is made of fine copper, using high-quality ceramic valve core, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, to ensure product quality and grade, use more assured.

In terms of product details, the Angle valve surface adopts multi-layer electroplating anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability is strong, durable.  Longer threads make installation more solid, increase friction of raw tape, prevent leakage, and have better sealing performance.  Stainless steel decorative cover plate, delicate and beautiful, round intimate design, beautify the installation environment of the Angle valve.  In order to let customers rest assured to buy, each of our products is through the ultra-high water pressure rigorous test, to ensure that there will be no leakage, burst and other situations, to ensure the quality of products, so that you can be more assured to use our products.

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