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Factory Supply Brass Bathroom Tap High Quality And Good Design

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Unik pursues quality life, making every shower a kind of enjoyment.

The main body of the shower faucet is cast with selected brass material, which is not easy to rust, stable structure, corrosion resistant, high water pressure resistant, and carefully care for the health of family members.

Carefully cast, each process is layer upon layer of checks, in order to cast Unik good health products.

Adopt electroplating process, multi-layer electroplating protection, high quality, high quality, delicate and smooth surface, durable and don't fade.

Ceramic valve core, switch 500,000 times, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-aging, not easy to leak, long service life.

Innovative thickening handle design, not easy to hurt hands, thick material, comfortable and not easy to break.

Soft bubbler, layer by layer filter impurities. Honeycomb water outlet, water delicate, hot and cold adjustment, enjoy a good shower life.

standard interface, suitable for connecting most shower inlet pipes.

Strict control of every detail is to optimize your experience.

Installation method
1.Before installing the faucet, the residual dirty water, residue, sand and impurities in the water pipe should be washed clean before installing the faucet, so as not to block it.
2. The distance between the installation position of the faucet and the ground should be kept at about 70 to 80 centimeters.
3. Confirm that the hot and cold water pipes of the water heater are generally facing the direction of the faucet, with hot water on the left and cold water on the right.
4. Install the faucet. When installing the water inlet hose, tighten it by hand to avoid damage to the hose.

In order to let customers rest assured to buy, each of our products is through the ultra-high water pressure rigorous test, to ensure that there will be no leakage, burst and other situations, to ensure the quality of products, so that you can be more assured to use our products.

Brand UNIK
Material Stainless Steel
Function Single Cold
Surface Treatment Brushed/Chrome
Spool Ceramic
Installation Deck Mount
Packing Box/Carton
Service OEM,ODM
Place of Origin QUANZHOU
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