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Black Stainless Steel Wall Bathroom Shower Faucet Set

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FuJian Unik Industrial CO., LTD. has a mature production technology, leading the fuselage through mechanical machining, polishing, chrome plated surface processing, leading ceramic valve core as the main part of leading body of the coating is generally by neutral salt fog test, to ensure that its use in provisions within the time limit without rust corrosion and to ensure that it wasn't peeling coating.

Unik multifunctional shower, multi-file, water-saving filtration, convenient and comfortable experience, enjoy the new experience of free shower.  Simple square design, the overall texture, elegant atmosphere, more fashionable and classic.  Black baking paint technology, refuse to fade.  Water saving and energy saving, safe and ironing, limited high temperature output.

Top spray large panel water, water quickly cover the body, air mixed pressurization, air and water mixture to reach the golden ratio, water rapid but not stinging skin to achieve massage effect, bring rain like skin touch, healthy material, walk in the forefront of fashion research and development technology, keep improving manufacturing process.

Energy saving hand with stainless steel hose, more comfortable grip, can change the shower Angle, take off the use of freely, more humanized product upgrade.  The use of silica gel material, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, clean water, water more uniform, more comfortable bath.  Lighter ABS material, safer for children.  Healthy and energy-saving bathing experience, improve your quality of life.

Powerful spray gun, clean the bathroom without dead Angle.  The pressurized spray gun has powerful design function, enjoy comfortable bath, spray gun water is strong, to help you clean the bathroom corner, flush the toilet, clean the floor, wash the mop are very convenient.  It should be noted that after using the spray gun, please turn off the faucet switch in time to avoid the elastic tube bursting caused by continuous water pressure. In order to make you feel at ease to buy, each product is strictly tested by high water pressure before leaving the factory, please feel at ease to buy.

Brand UNIK
Material Stainless Steel
Function Hot and Cold
Surface Treatment Black
Spool Ceramic
Installation Wall Mount
Packing Box/Carton
Service OEM,ODM
Place of Origin QUANZHOU
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