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Classic style sensor faucet basin sink touchless tap for bathroom

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Brand UNIK
Material Brass
Function Single Cold/Hot and Cold
Surface Treatment Chrome
Spool Ceramic
Installation Deck Mount
Packing Box/Carton
Service OEM,ODM
Place of Origin QUANZHOU

FUJIAN UNIK INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Has a mature production technology, leading the fuselage through mechanical machining, polishing, chrome plated surface processing, leading ceramic valve core as the main part of leading body of the coating is generally by neutral salt fog test, to ensure that its use in provisions within the time limit without rust corrosion and to ensure that it wasn't peeling coating.

UNIK faucet uses ceramic valve spool at the entrance, which not only ensures the service life of the faucet, but also ensures the convenience of use. The ceramic spool at the entrance feels smooth. When adjusting the water and water temperature, it can be easily completed by gently rotating the handle without splashing or water temperature deviation. From the bubbler, the faucet all use high quality bubbler, soft spray, quiet use.

From the material, UNIK faucet uses the ceramic valve core of the entrance, which can ensure that the faucet continuous switch 500,000 times without quality problems. Valve body is made of high-quality fine copper, high-quality rubber sealing ring, small change rate, not easy to aging; From the production process: UNIK has adopted the most advanced production process and equipment from mold opening to machining to polishing and electroplating to ensure the accuracy of leading products. General bibcock is in the process of using the inevitable by water flushing, if the material is not to be strictly controlled will cause secondary pollution to water in the use of the consequences of this will directly affect the user's health problems, and UNIK company is very attention to this issue, the pass of the material, introduced from abroad automatic "wash lead" equipment and craft, Remove all heavy metals including lead from the metal materials in the valve body of the faucet to ensure that the faucet will not cause pollution to the water quality, and consumers can rest assured to use.


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