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Installation And Use Of Washing Machine Faucet

Washing machine special faucet and common faucet distinction

Ordinary faucet is suitable for washing pool, if it is a washing machine, it can not be used.

In response to this problem, UNIK has produced a special faucet for washing machines. Compared with ordinary faucet, the biggest difference lies in the water outlet, which can be directly connected to the water inlet pipe of washing machine.

Special faucets for washing machines can be used as ordinary faucets, but ordinary faucets cannot be used for washing machines.

How to use the special faucet for washing machine

Need to ask professional installation master washing machine special faucet installation, this kind of special faucet is a few more expensive than the common faucet, not easy to appear the phenomenon of leakage, and will not appear and water pipes do not conform to the phenomenon.

After the installation of the faucet, and the water inlet of the washing machine connected together, need to check again, if there is no problem, at this time you can open the faucet to try, there is no leakage phenomenon, the washing machine can be used normally.

How to install the special faucet for washing machine

Need to prepare a washing machine special faucet and spanner, raw material belt.First put the plastic filter inside the faucet on the position where the water outlet of the washing machine is connected, put the washer on the other end, and then tighten it, which is used to connect the water inlet of the washing machine.

Open the prepared raw tape and wrap it around the faucet connection several times, preferably in a clockwise direction. This will make it less likely to come off, as it will be wound in the same direction as it was tightened.

You need to close the valve on the main lock and then install the faucet with a wrench.

Finally connect the lower end of the position to the washing machine inlet pipe, so that the installation is complete.


Post time: Feb-14-2022